A fun friendship between SHINee‘s Onew and actor Seo Ha Joon has been formed on the survival reality show “Law of the Jungle.”

SHINee’s Onew joined the cast of “Law of the Jungle” in Borneo on the recent episode of the survival show. He arrived a bit later than the other members, but he has quickly formed a fun friendship with actor Seo Ha Joon. 

Onew and Seo Ha Joon were both born in the year 1989, and being born in the same year is a big deal in Korea. The two are automatically considered “friends,” and they began their meeting speaking intimate language with each other.

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Watch the two start their jungle friendship on SBS’s “Law of the Jungle” on Fridays at 10:00PM KST.


Below is Seo Ha Joon making fire the ancient way.