On March 15, SHINee’s Onew shared a couple of photos from the MV set of their upcoming single, “Sherlock.” He shared the photos with the caption that read, “From the MV set of ‘Sherlock’!”

In one of the photos, Onew is seen stretching his legs in an awkward position, giving his fans a good laugh. The second photo seems to be a screenshot of their upcoming MV for “Sherlock,” as Onew is seen wearing the same outfit and sporting a new hairstyle. In particular, fans have been paying attention to his dance choreography using his fingers, which is guessed to be the main point of their new dance moves.

Netizens who came across the photos commented, “I’m more excited now,” “Onew hasn’t changed a bit,” and “Hoping ‘Sherlock’ to hit daebak!”

Meanwhile, SHINee will release all seven tracks from their fourth mini album, “Sherlock,” on March 19. As reported earlier, their main single under the same title, “Sherlock,” will combine two songs into one for a new genre called, “hybrid remix.” Stay tuned for more updates!