SHINee‘s Onew makes a comedic image transformation in the upcoming JTBC sitcom/sketch comedy, “Sit-cong Royal Villa.” Although perhaps for Dubu’s fans, he has always been funny.

“Sit-cong Royal Villa” takes the structure of both a sitcom and sketch comedy. In South Korea, sketch comedy is called “cong teu,” thus the hybrid of sitcom and cong teu in the title for the show.

Onew stars in one sketch comedy called “A Ghost Lives Here” along with Lee Byung Jin and Oh Cho Hee. He plays a “baek su” or a chronically unemployed person. He is dressed in what has become the signature outfit for the baek su in South Korea, the blue jogging suit. 

A baek su is supposed to look grungy, but Onew continues to shine in the stills released from the show.  Netizens noted, “The jogging suit looks better when Onew wears it,” “I’m looking forward to Onew playing a baek su,” and “If SHINee all come out as a gang of baek su, that will be funny!”

“Sit-cong Royal Villa” premieres July 15.

onew royal villa