SHINee has been readying for a comeback as SM Entertainment (SME) teased fans with a slew of unique teaser photos in the past week.

SME described SHINee’s newest song “Sherlock” by saying, “’Sherlock’ is the best of two independent songs put together to form something called a ‘hybrid remix.’ It will have a unique charm as though you’re listening to a musical. SHINee has been recognized as a contemporary group for its fresh and experimental music in their past albums, and this album will also be able to show the one of a kind colors of SHINee.”

The lyrics describe Sherlock’s solving of a crime through logical “clues” and intuitive “notes.”  “Sherlock” combines the lyrics from the two songs to create a single storyline. Also, both songs “Clue” and “Note” will be a part of the album. It should be interesting to see how the lyrics and melody differ in the three variances of the intertwined songs.

All seven songs of the album will become available to fans on many online music websites (including iTunes!) on March 19. The album will then become available offline on March 21.