SHINee is back and with a bang! SHINee has returned to the K-Pop scene in a year and a half with the mini-album, “Sherlock,” that is dominating the music charts. Fans have come out in record numbers, proportionate to their long wait, to support the group. On the day of its online release on March 19, the album and its song ranked number one for real time charts.

Now with its release offline on March 21, the album is once again hitting number one in sales. “Sherlock” is number one for album sales on Hanteo Chart, Hot Tracks, and other sites that record the daily sales of albums offline.

SHINee has also released the full music video for their title track, “Sherlock.” You can see it here:

SHINee also just made their first comeback performance on Mnet’s “MCountdown.” They received praise for their powerful and sharp performance. You will be able to catch them more this weekend on Friday’s “Music Bank,” Saturday’s “Show! Music Core” and Sunday’s “Inkigayo.”