On the latest episode of “Radio Star,” SHINee’s Taemin spoke honestly about his past dating experience.

During SHINee’s guest appearance on the May 30 broadcast of the MBC talk show, host Yoon Jong Shin brought up the subject of Taemin’s love life. Yoon Jong Shin mentioned that during Taemin’s interview with the show’s writers before filming, he had referred to himself as “single since birth” (a Korean phrase used to describe someone with zero dating experience).

As the other SHINee members smiled and Onew teasingly made a sound of disbelief, Yoon Jong Shin asked in a skeptical tone, “Is that really the case?”

Taemin responded by confessing with a smile, “What happened was that I was the first to meet with the [‘Radio Star’] writers, and I thought, ‘The members wouldn’t tell on me, right?’” As Minho laughed at his honest explanation, Taemin went on, “But if I actually talk about this, the fans don’t like it.”

Yoon Jong Shin replied, “So you haven’t been single since birth?” Confirming that he did, in fact, have dating experience, Taemin said, “No, I haven’t been single since birth.”

Kim Gura was starting to say, “Since [Taemin] joined SM Entertainment when he was 15 or 16 [Korean age], it wouldn’t have been easy for him to have a girlfriend,” when Taemin cracked everyone up by interjecting, “I did have one before joining SM, though.”

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