On February 11, SHINee’s Taemin made a comeback with his new solo mini album “WANT” and celebrated his return at a showcase in Seoul.

The music video for his title track of the same name features several snakes, including one that’s wrapped around his shoulders and even slides across his face.

Taemin said about this at the showcase, “It was a real snake. Since we were filming with a snake, there was the possibility that it could bite and that it might have an aggressive disposition, so I asked the person who brought it. They said that 99 percent [of the time], they don’t bite.” Taemin also said he asked if the snake wrangler’s scars on their hand were from snake bites, which they confirmed.

Taemin continued, “When we were filming, the snake was cuter than I’d thought. They said that since it’s winter, the snake is cold so it’s not very active. I thought then when the snake was put in position, it would move around in a cool way, but it stayed still.”

“I figured that wouldn’t work so we moved it up on me and I tried to get more friendly with it, but then it went inside my clothes,” he said. “That feeling is something I’ll never forget, I got goosebumps… Anyway, it was really fun. We even put the snake on my face and around my neck.”

Taemin also talked about all the support and love he receives from fans, and said it makes him feel proud. “Whenever my fans sing at the top of their voice, I feel a sense of gratitude and emotion that I can’t put into words. Thanks to all of you, I’m not nervous.”

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