SHINee’s Taemin recently got posed a difficult question about SM Entertainment’s many talented dancers!

Taemin is currently promoting his new repackaged album “MOVE-ing,” which includes the title track “Day and Night.” On December 13, he appeared on the radio show “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon.”

During the show, Kim Shin Young played a quick question & answer game with Taemin. As the noise of a clock ticked away in the background, Kim Shin Young quickly asked Taemin, “Who would you choose as the ‘Big 3’ dancers at SM?”

Taemin replied hesitantly, “Taemin, Kai, Yunho?” before Kim Shin Young kept firing away with questions.

After they wrapped up the quiz, Kim Shin Young went through his rushed answers with him, and commented that it’s really hard to pick the “Big 3” dancers at SM Entertainment. Taemin agreed and replied, “I made a mistake.”

When asked what his mistake was, Taemin replied, “[There’s] Eunhyuk, and also Hyoyeon, and BoA too.” Kim Shin Young mentioned Seulgi, and Taemin agreed. “There are so many that I worried how I could pick, and I ended up just thinking of the guys,” he said.

Who are your personal favorite SM Entertainment dancers?

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