Shinhwa will release their 10th album on March 23, making their first comeback in four years official. All members of the group played a critical role in producing the album, as they all took part in writing the lyrics, producing songs, or directing the album. Their title track, “Venus,” contains lyrics written by Lee Min Woo, while the song itself is produced by Andrew Jackson, whose previous works include songs with Britney Spears and Leona Lewis.

“The members reviewed over 500 songs and personally picked the tracks for their 10th album. It’s going to be filled with a variety of genres and songs. It won’t disappoint the fans that waited for so long,” Shinhwa said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Shinhwa will hold their comeback concert, “The Return,” on March 24 and 25 in Seoul. Shinhwa also revealed teaser photos of their new album on March 15 through their official website. It was reported their official website experienced temporary shutdown because of the sudden increase in traffic. Stay tuned for more updates!