Shinhwa has taken a visit to the public spa for the first time since their debut without hiding anything.

Shinhwa visited the spa after recording for the new JTBC show, “Shinhwa Broadcast,” which is to air on March 24. After a long time of filming, they headed to the spa to relax and rest.

All members are past their thirties but they still displayed healthy muscles and body lines. They even earned the title, “The Original Beast-dols.” After all six of them entered the hot tub, they exclaimed, “This is the first time all six of us have gathered in a hot tub since our debut.” To that, Minwoo humorously responded, “Well, I don’t really like going to the spa with Hyesung…”

Shinhwa expressed their feelings about ending their first recording for “Shinhwa Broadcast.” They said, “It was much more comfortable than we expected. I don’t think there’s a place for us to go any lower.” They also made a strong determination saying, “Let’s make a deep gash (impact) in this variety/entertainment field.”

Catch the first episode of “Shinhwa Broadcast” on March 24.