“We were so happy when we saw articles saying that H.O.T will be reuniting. We thought it’d be fun to promote activities with a fellow first generation idol group.”

Shinhwa, who is to make their first come back in four years, has displayed a strong friendship with their rival group, H.O.T, who disbanded in 2001.

Shinhwa held a come back press conference on March 5 and said, “When news of our come back was first released, articles about H.O.T reuniting were also being published so we were delighted.”

Lee Min Woo said, “We thought, ‘how fun would it be to promote activities together with a fellow first generation idol group?’ But when we called Jang Woo Hyuk and Moon Hee Jun to congratulate them, they told us that the articles were not true. When we heard that, we were so disappointed. Just like how we reunited, we hoped that H.O.T would come back as well and show us great performances.”

The members of Shinhwa revealed that the members of H.O.T sent them congratulatory text messages upon hearing the news of their come back.

Andy stated, “I keep in touch with Tony frequently and as soon as the Shinhwa come back articles were published, I received a text message from him. He told me he was so jealous and he thanked me for being part of Shinhwa’s come back. After receiving the text, I told the rest of the Shinhwa members that we should work extra hard and since it’s our first come back in a very long time, we should try harder to distinguish ourselves.”

Jun Jin also said, “Many people congratulated and encouraged us. We will receive all the energy from them and put in extra effort during our activities.”

The story of how the members of Shinhwa got back together was also revealed on this day. Eric stated, “When we first saw the words, ‘Shinhwa Reunites,’ we assumed those words were used because we haven’t really done much Shinhwa promotions in recent times. We thought that maybe we were too negligent about Shinhwa. So this time, we are determined to be very forward. All of us agreed to put our individual activities as a second priority and put 100 percent of our energies into Shinhwa, as a group.”

Soompi is also counting down the days until Shinhwa’s come back!