Shinhwa‘s Jun Jin appeared on KBS “Yeo Yoo Man Man” on October 9 and talked about his birth mother. He confessed in tears, “I’ve always had this longing towards my mom. I became a singer to find her. I thought that if I become famous like H.O.T., my birth mother would come find me. That’s why I started my career.” 

He added, “My grandmother was like my mom, but she never completely replaced mom or my longing for mom. I hated such environment, the whole situation. So I hated my dad a lot.” However, he soon expressed ever-lasting love for his father, Charlie Park, “Now I live for my dad. I want him to know this. Thanks to him, I had matured earlier than other people and now I lead a different and special life.”  

On this episode of “Yeo Yoo Man Man,” Charlie Park also teared up talking about Jun Jin’s childhood. He mentioned, “I got married three times total. I didn’t know this back then, but this hurt my son a lot.”