On August 9th, Shinhwa’s Eric shared a couple of photoshopped images of himself through his Twitter account. Eric tweeted, “Choong Jae (Jun Jin’s real name) must be bored,” with the following photoshopped image where he appears with big, exaggerated eyes. There’s also part of the group’s amusing conversation that makes fun of each other.

In the group chat, Jun Jin first sent out a photoshopped image of Eric with the line, “This is so funny, look at his hands lol.” And then one of the members replied, “You’re not human. You’re just Korean ginseng that looks like human.”

And then Eric wrote, “Our own Choong Jae doesn’t know how to stop. He just knows how to Jun Jin (which means to move forward in Korean).” Kim Dong Wan, after seeing the second photo, wrote, “The eyes are big…..LOL.”

Netizens who saw the tweet mentioned, “Choong Jae oppa is so funny,” “You guys have so much fun together,” and “You look better in this photo. Maybe that’s why you don’t have a girl friend.”

Eric currently stars as Korea’s best Hallyu star in KBS drama “Myung Wol the Spy.”