The longest-running K-pop idol group Shinhwa teased of their comeback by revealing still pictures from the music video of “Venus.” The music video is directed by Kim Kwang Seok, who is known for his cinematography and attention to details. The music video was filmed in six different locations and sets for each of the six members to show his own charms. Shinhwa used an additional large main set to film the overall choreography.

According to a source, more than 200 million won (approximately $178,000) was spent on the video. The concept of “Venus” music video is six vampires’ attempt of catching the elusive Venus. Fans will be able to see all six members of Shinhwa acting in this movie-like music video.  

An official from Shinhwa Company commented, “Shinhwa feels greatly attached to this upcoming album as all six members were deeply involved in writing, composing, directing, and overall production. The title song ‘Venus’ is of electronica genre and Lee Min Woo wrote the lyrics himself. He also was in charge of Shinhwa’s signature powerful choreography. We expect Shinhwa to make the much-needed fresh impact in the music entertainment industry.”

Shinhwa’s leader Eric also showed great confidence in the upcoming album and music video. He said, “This is going to be the best music video in the history of Shinhwa. Even the dancing scenes are like they are from a commercial film. The outfit, lyrics, and choreography are all in tune, so be prepared to watch this music video.” 

Shinhwa will begin their TV entertainment career with JTBC “Shinhwa Broadcast.” They plan on starring in many other variety entertainment shows, too. Currently, Shinhwa members are diligently practicing and preparing for the official release of their 10th album as well as their 14th anniversary concert “THE RETURN,” to be held at Olympics Gymnastics Stadium on March 24 and 25.