Shinhwa shared their story behind releasing the first-ever idol star nude magazine back in 2001. Appearing on the March 13 episode of KBS “Win Win,” the longest-running idol group talked about the controversial nude album and said, “Our nude album was a challenge and was carried out for the first time by an idol group.”

Kim Dong Wan said, “It was during our third album promotions, when our concept was to go naked a lot. After seeing that, Chairman Lee Soo Man suggested us publishing a nude photo shoot magazine. After much contemplation, all the members agreed to do it. But Hye Sung rejected the idea till the last moment.”

Kim Dong Wan added the members used to walk around naked, only wearing short pants, during the photo shoot. They would stop and take off their pants when the photographer would start snapping photos, he said.

Eric continued, “There were only male staff members, so Jun Jin and I would just walk around without wearing anything. But Hye Sung was always missing. We later found out he was hiding behind trees.”

Their nude magazine, in fact, was quite a success as it sold out all 15,000 copies of its limited edition. Some of the photos from the nude magazine were revealed during the show as well. Here are some of the screenshots (make sure you click on the blue tab on the top right side to play a 1 minute clip of the show!).

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