The longest running idol group, Shinhwa, has revealed the concept for their tenth album, which is their first comeback album in four years.

On March 12, Shinhwa’s leader, Eric, posted a message through the official Shinhwa Company Twitter: “This modern vampire concept is something we’ve been thinking about since last spring. We ended up not making all of our hair colors black but the jacket photo, the music video, the attire, even the lyrics for the title track that Minwoo wrote – these things all naturally came together and fit perfectly with this concept. I think we’re going to be causing quite a stir.”

He continued to say, “We’ve jam-packed the album with 11 tracks and prepared it with the highest quality of packaging. Make sure you take some chest clearing pills before watching the music video~ The production expenses are the highest in Shinhwa’s history so the best music video will be made~ Coming soon.”

Shin Hye Sung also posted, “I’m not very good at showing off but…you all know right? I will show off this time! The music video is completely daebak. You can get your hopes up high! I’m especially the hottest- hmm hmm… all six members are very hot.”

Jun Jin said, “Each shot of the members in the music video are like watching a scene from a CF. Even the choreography – it doesn’t seem like just a dance but a scene from a CF. Just wait!”

Meanwhile, Shinhwa will be holding the “Shinhwa Grand Tour in Seoul – The Return” on March 24 to March 25 and will be meeting with their fans for the first time in four years.