To the delight of many fans, KBS recently announced that “Win Win” would be recording a Shinhwa special with all six members. This marks the official return of the group to variety programs.

Recently, the members gathered for the very first time in their fourteen years together on a single talk show tailored solely for them. A representative of he show stated, “In the Shinhwa special, a wide variety of topics were covered. As a result, the recording took twice as long. The recording lasted from 3PM to 1AM in the morning. Generally, the recording concluded around 7PM, but the Shinhwa episode took a particularly long time.”

The representative continued, “On this day, the Shinhwa members spent time reminiscing the events from their fourteen plus years together. They talked about their difficulties over the years. The members got particularly emotional and cried the most when they talked about Andy and his absence during their fourth album in 2001. Misunderstandings in the past seemed to have remained as wounds over the years. Those who were watching became emotional as well.”

The episode wasn’t all sad though. Representatives noted that the members had not lost their wit and sense of entertainment and shared many funny anecdotes. In addition, several unannounced guests made surprise appearances and shared inside stories and secrets regarding the group.

BEAST’s Lee Kikwang who co-hosts in the show tweeted his reflections after the recording that evening saying, “I just finished recording for ‘Win Win.’ I feel as though I spent a very worthwhile and fun time with the Shinhwa seniors today. I was personally touched by their friendship and the degree to which they care and think for each other.  I, too, will remember your hearts. I respect you, Shinhwa seniors.”

The episode will be airing on March 13 at 11:15PM KST.