On the recent episode of Mnet’s “Beatles Code 2”, which aired on May 3, boy band Shinhwa revealed that they had won the first, second, and third place in the “Sexy Dance Competition” in a club.

Shinhwa’s Jun Jin commented, “Min Woo won the third spot and Eric became second, for that we got a large liquor bottle. I won first place and our price was a very large audio system.”

Jun Jin continued, “I brought the audio system to my father’s place. I knew that my father would get shy about it, but the color of the audio system matched very well with the color of the television, so my father was very happy with it.”

They also revealed details about the rumors of them sharing each other’s underwear.  Min Woo confessed that he wore the triangle briefs, while the other American members of their group wore boxers. He got embarrassed and wore Eric’s boxers without his permission. Eric got mad at first, but later Eric gave Min Woo a pair of new boxers to wear and they became close again.

This episode has also revealed more details about their love lives and about their new album.