The legendary K-Pop group Shinhwa made a comeback after a four-year long hiatus last month, and the staff members who have worked with the members over the past several years honestly expressed each member’s strengths and weaknesses.

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On the evening of April 14, jTBC’s “Shinhwa Broadcast” aired a “Humans’ Documentary” special. Each of the member’s had a camera to themselves for a week to record the ordinary lives of the stars.

On this day, the “Shinhwa Broadcast” staff gathers the staff members working with Shinhwa to discuss the difficulties of working with Shinhwa. The first person to chime in was Shin Hye Sung’s manager. Manager Hyun Tae Hak said, “(Hye Sung) has too many thoughts. If there is a single topic, he’ll think about useless details about it and gets let down and depressed on his own.”

Then Lee Min Woo’s manager Seo Yong Hui stated, “Lee Min Woo invests a lot of time to himself and spends a lot of time thinking.” Jun Jin’s manager Park Un Pyo said, “Jun Jin is a really considerate guy. It’s just that sometimes it’s a bit excessive.”
Eric’s manager Kim Bo Geun who had only been working with Eric for fifteen days stated, “What is there to be upset about? I only wish I could actually share a word with him.” He added that he had once waited for over an hour for Eric who has a hard time being prompt and asked that Eric get ready earlier.

To this, Eric’s former manager and current company executive Lee Jong Hyun added, “Eric always seems to be on time if he’s not on Twitter, in the bathroom, or drinking coffee. I don’t know why he’s so late if he’s not even using Twitter lately,” and brought laughter to the scene.

Lee continued and said, “Eric is the best when it comes to sparing his words. He quietly does things that are very moving. He gifted me a car,” and garnered the attention of all those who were gathered. Lee then stated that Eric gifted him a convertible and President Choi Byung Min a motorcycle. It was later explained that “It was meant to say ‘let’s work well together.’”

It was reported earlier that Eric also shared a video clip of his niece copying her Uncle Eric’s samba dance in this episode.