Shinhwa’s Eric recently shared a long post on Shinhwachangjo’s official fan cafe site and opened up about his upcoming marriage to actress Na Hye Mi. The private wedding ceremony is set to take place on July 1. 

The singer-actor wrote, “I have been with Na Hye Mi for about five years now. During those five years, we broke up and got back together very often. At the time when the first report about our relationship came out a few years back, we were not together so, in order to protect one another, we stated that we just had a friendly senior-junior relationship. More recently, while there were also photos that proved our relationship, we were actually together at the time when new reports came out about our relationship. That’s why we acknowledged that we are dating,” referring to the reports that came out earlier this year claiming the two were in a relationship.

Eric also revealed that his family had not formally met Na Hye Mi’s family yet. Previously it was revealed that even the Shinhwa members didn’t know about his marriage in advance because he informed them after he had met Na Hye Mi’s parents officially.

Finally, he wrapped up his post by saying, “Perhaps it is because I am a person who is lacking in many ways but I am genuinely very grateful to those who worried for me and continued to support me to the very end,” conveying his thankfulness for his fans.

Congratulations again to Shinhwa’s Eric and Na Hye Mi!

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