On March 29, Shinhwa’s agency, Shinhwa Company, tweeted, “Tonight at 6pm- Mnet ‘Countdown!’ Please watch out for our first performance!” with a backstage photo of the six members.

In the photo, the six-member Shinhwa is huddling together before their first comeback performance. The members seem to be having a conversation, huddled around in a circle, with their arms on each others’ shoulders.  

Many netizens were happy to see the heart-warming photo of the group. Netizens have commented, “Shinhwa members have such great friendship even behind the scenes,” “Can’t wait for their comeback performance,” and “I can feel their charisma even from the photo.”

Shinhwa, the longest running K-Pop idol group, returned with their 10th album, “The Return” on March 23. This year, the group will be celebrating their 14th anniversary as Shinhwa.

If you haven’t yet, check out Shinhwa’s comeback performance,“Venus” on Mnet “Countdown!”