Shinhwa‘s Junjin left a video message to actress Han Ye Seul.

On the March 21 episode of MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star,” veteran idols Shinhwa came back from their four year hiatus and talked about their imminent comeback.

On this episode, MC Kim Gura who is known for not beating around the bush asked Eric who starred alongside Han Ye Seul in the popular drama “Spy Myung Wol,” about the actress. He also mentioned the controversy surrounding the drama when actress Han Ye Seul decided to stop filming in an effort to boycott the drama and also left the country because of internal conflicts with the production team.

Kim Gura also asked Eric if the two still kept in touch. To this Eric replied, “We both are busy..” Then Kyuhyun asked Eric to make a surprise phone call to Han Ye Seul and Kim Gura jumped in and told Eric to record a video message to Han Ye Seul which made Eric burst in laughter.

On the same episode, the other MCs commented, “Didn’t Junjin film “Non Stop” (popular sitcom) with Han Ye Seul? Junjin should also send a video message.”

Junjin, smiling, left the following message to Han Ye Seul, “Ye Seul Ah, how have you been? Come and visit us at the Shinhwa concert. Be careful not to catch a cold.”

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