Shinhwa member and actor Kim Dong Wan will be returning to the small screen through a new KBS drama.

Kim Dong Wan has been cast as the main male lead for “Way To Go, Mr. Kim,” which will air after “Moon And Stars For You.” The upcoming KBS family drama, “Way To Go, Mr. Kim,” contains family warmth, comedy and romance.

Kim Dong Wan will play the role of 32-year-old Kim Tae Pyung, who is the guardian of four different, non-related kids. His good looks and his skillful methods of living makes him popular with the neighboring housewives. He works as part of the cleaning crew of his apartment and also offers housecleaning services. The drama will be about Kim Tae Pyung’s hard-working but warm personality as he tries hard to live each day and be a good parent to the children.

There are high expectations for Kim Dong Wan in this upcoming drama since he recently showed great acting skills in “Zenith” and “Deranged.”

Kim Dong Wan commented, “I’m a bit nervous since this is a long-term project but I have faith in this drama because of the great staff team. ‘Way To Go, Mr. Kim’ has a lot of new things that haven’t been done before so I am trying my hardest to do a lot of research. As much as I will be working with great staff members, I will give my best effort so I hope you will take a lot of interest in our drama.”

“Way To Go, Mr. Kim,” will start airing in early November.