On September 27, Shinhwa‘s Kim Dong Wan participated in the script reading session of upcoming KBS drama “Cheer Up, Mr. Kim” with co-stars Wang Ji Hye, Kang Sung Min, Sa Mi Ja, Baek Il Sup and so on. The script reading session was a huge success.

Kim Dong Wan seemed really attached to his role, the main character Kim Tae Pyung, and got into his character quickly. He had a smile on his face throughout the session and led the script reading in a very friendly and happy atmosphere. Kim Dong Wan’s role Kim Tae Pyung is a master housemaid and janitor adored by housewives, who took parentless children under his wing to take care of them like a mother. 

Pictures of Kim Dong Wan and Wang Ji Hye, who is playing his partner role Lee Woo Kyung, holding their scripts appeared on several online community forums and the official twitter of Kim Dong Wan’s agency. Kim Dong Want commented, “Although we met for the first time today, it was such a friendly atmosphere. Thanks to my co-stars, I really enjoyed our first script reading session. I’m honored to work with people I respect so much. I will do my best for those who are anticipating ‘Cheer Up Mr. Kim’ as well as the character of Kim Tae Pyung. Please pay close attention to the show.” 

Meanwhile, KBS’s new daily drama “Cheer Up Mr.Kim” will start airing in early November, following currently playing “I’ll Give You the Stars and The Moon.”