Lee Minwoo from 6-member idol group Shinhwa has been chosen to judge a Chinese audition program as the Korean representative.

The survival program is named “Sung Dong Yah Juh Woo” to highlight the show’s vision to find a “voice that can make Asia cry.” The program will give a great opportunity to release an album in these 6 countries: Korea, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

Lee Minwoo was sent to judge in this program during the first round. He said, “I’m honored to have been picked as the Korean representative for such a large scale audition program in Asia” and included “I will happily do my best to judge and meet the standards of everyone who have big expectations for this program.”

Lee Minwoo alongside popular Chinese singer, Sunnan, and famous Japanese Bossa Nova Singer, Lisa Ono, will take part in judging the first round.