Shinhwa did something very special for their fans on their “Venus” music video! They put in a special message for “Shinhwa Chanjo” which is their fan club. (The correct romanization should be “Shinhwa Changjo” which literally means “to create a legend.” Shinhwa means legend in Korean)

At the very end of the “Venus” music video, letters appear on the screen which spells out “Shinhwa Chanjo Forever.” This was put in for the fans because of their continued support and passion.

Fans stated, “Wow it was a good wait! Shinhwa’s surprise event is so moving!” “Shinhwa forever as well! I will cheer you on even more!” and “Shinhwa’s idea is the best! I got a gift that I couldn’t even imagine.”

Shinhwa will begin appearing on music programs during this weekend. Stay tuned to for more on Shinhwa!