SNSD is still fairing quite well on the Oricon Charts despite the fact they have not been appearing on many variety shows. However, now that the group has just released their second Japanese single called “GEE,” fans can expect to see them perform on the popular variety shows in Japan.

According to their schedule, the girls will be performing on a popular long running Japanese music chart program, Music Station on the 22nd of October. A few days later, they are planning to appear on NHK’s Music Japan on October 24th. The very next day, on October 25th, they will be featured on a very popular variety show Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ hosted by Hitoshi Matsumoto & Masatoshi Hamada. This show has a similar to Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate with a few performances as well as a chat session, but includes some games and is done on a more humorous note than Chocolate.

It was also reported that the girls were recording on the show yesterday with Nishino Kana, Tsuruno Takeshi and Spitz.


Credits to SNSDKorean