Show Me the Money 4” winner Basick revealed his true thoughts on his final stage rival WINNER‘s Song Mino during a recent interview.

Basick started off by saying he did not expect to win at all and that Song Mino was more of a better contestant than he originally thought.

“Honestly, before I appeared on ‘Show Me the Money 4,’ Song Mino was just a celebrity to me. He’s housed in YG Entertainment and I saw him on WINNER TV. During season 3 Bobby did really well, so I knew that Song Mino would be somewhat over the average, but he started to get better and better. We got close through the program and I saw that he was nice and very good on stage. On stage, he’s very confident and talented at rapping. He’s also good-looking. Keep talking about him makes me a bit jealous. Haha,” Basick laughed.

The rapper also said that, although Song Mino did not win, he sincerely congratulated Basick. “After [Show Me the Money 4], Mino texted me first when he was heading down to Daegu. He texted, ‘Are you enjoying your victory?’ I was thankful. All of the idol stereotypes were broken during season 3, and Song Mino had what it took to win. I had nothing against the many idols who appeared [on this season].”

Basick wrapped up the interview, saying, “I want to collaborate with good rappers, like Lil Boi, BeWhy, Song Mino, etc, that have appeared on ‘Show Me the Money.’”

Congratulations Basick for winning!

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