Boy group SHU-I, which debuted in 2009 and focused on Japanese activities for the past three years, is finally making a comeback with their first Korean mini-album. SHU-I has been busy the past three years releasing six single albums, one indie album, and one full-length album in Japan. All albums successfully entered within the top ten on Oricon’s charts.

This first Korean mini album contains nine tracks. One track called “Forever with You” has lyrics written by the SHU-I members, expressing their thankfulness towards their fans who have supported them throughout the years.

The title track “Don’t Be Down” is composed by Lee Sang Ho, who has also written for 4Minute and CNBlue, and Suh Yong Bae, who has written for Ailee and Orange Caramel, previously.

The music video for “Don’t Back Down” was released through SHU-I’s official Youtube channel. The music video showcases the powerful dance choreography of the song, especially the skillful moves of member Jin Suk. The music video portrays the members of SHU-I breaking apart from the “web” that is trying to keep them down. 

SHU-I will have their first comeback stage on July 13 at MBC’s “Music Core.”