We heard Big Bang was shooting a TV commercial in Gwanghwamun Plaza this morning for the Visit Korea Year Campaign, so we made sure to run over there to snap some pictures for all of you Soompiers!

When we showed up, the boys were already on stage and getting ready to perform their little jingle for the cameras.  After one shoot, they went downstairs and to the back, presumably to do some interviews or review what they had just shot.  The second time around, we were able to go behind into their tent and see the boys upclose as they had Morgane, another Soompi Team member, ask the boys a couple random questions for an SBS interview segment.  

The weather was pretty warm–T.O.P. and Taeyang may have suffered a bit!  We’ll post more pictures and some (shaky) video footage later on over at the forums here, so keep posted!