It seems like Jay Park is not only a talented singer, rapper, dancer, CEO, and producer, but also a private spy?

During the filming of an upcoming episode of tvN’s “I Need More Romance,” Jay Park revealed his honest thoughts on dating and relationships.

While discussing the topics, the artist surprised the MCs by sharing a story about his fellow AOMG CEO and rapper Simon D. He said, “Simon D told me to find out more about the relationship between Lady Jane and Hong Jin Ho.”

Simon D and Lady Jane were in an open relationship for six years, but ended up parting ways in 2013. Soon after, Lady Jane was rumored to be dating ex-pro gamer and current comedian Hong Jin Ho, but such claims were denied by both parties.

Hearing this, the show’s MC Lady Jane explained, “I am no longer involved in hip-hop culture, and my new interest is gaming culture,” evoking laughter with her witty comment.

This episode of “I Need More Romance” airs on October 23 at 12:20 a.m.