Singer Lyn has posted a message to those who write malicious comments about her.

On September 27, Lyn posted a screenshot of a malicious comment on her Instagram with the caption, “No matter how many times you see malicious comments, you don’t get numb to it and it feels like getting the same place stabbed by a gimlet over and over. So I haven’t been looking at comments in a while, but when a picture I posted came up on the main page of a portal site, I saw this naturally. Honestly I’m very offended and saddened.”

She then continued, “However, I don’t want to live a life where I can’t even say greetings for a holiday because of people who speak ill of me. And I sometimes see comments about a baby that I don’t even have yet. I can still stand other things but I will not stay quiet when I see these comments that cross the line. If the heavens allow, I would like to give birth to a beautiful baby. Is that wrong?”

She then apologized, “Anyway, I’m sorry to friends who cheer me on because I had to write something like this on a happy holiday. I will erase this soon.” She has since put her Instagram on private.

Meanwhile, Lyn had a private wedding with singer Lee Soo last September.

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