Solo singer and Mister Trot contestant Roh Ji Hoon is proving his love for his wife by undergoing surgery.

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In a preview for the upcoming episode of Mr. House Husband, former Cube Entertainment soloist Roh Ji Hoon and his wife, Lee Eun Hye can be seen sharing a conversation about her future. It was in this preview that Lee Eun Hye revealed her deep desires with her husband.

I want to start working again.

— Lee Eun Hye

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Still from upcoming “Mr. House Husband” episode | KBS

Prior to getting married, Lee Eun Hye had been working successfully as a racing model. After their marriage and her pregnancy, however, she was forced to put a pause on her career. As a racing model, one is expected to look a certain way and unfortunately, pregnancy does not fit in with that image.

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Racing model Lee Eun Hye | @eunhyeasha/Instagram

It was during their conversation that Lee Eun Hye further revealed that she had been in contact with a representative from her former agency. The former racing model yearned to go back into the industry, but not before doubting herself in the process since she has been on hiatus for several years. The two have a 3 year old son, whom Lee Eun Hye has been taking care of as a stay-at-home mom. Roh Ji Hoon tried to brush over her confession by saying,

Honey, you don’t have to work.

— Roh Ji Hoon

Lee Eun Hye, their son, Roh Ji Hoon | eunhyeasha/Instagram

After their conversation, however, it was decided that Lee Eun Hye’s wish would come true and that she would make her comeback as a racing model. In order for his wife to return to her job in peace, Roh Ji Hoon made the executive decision to undergo a vasectomy. During their hospital visit for the vasectomy, the preview reveals the doctor sharing news with the couple that they did not expect, surprising them both.

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Doctor’s visit on “Mr. House Husband” | KBS

Roh Ji Hoon has frequently voiced his desires to have more children, which may be the reason why viewers were shocked to hear about their vasectomy decision. Viewers can watch the upcoming episode of Mr. House Husband, which will air on January 30th to hear the full story.