Originally pushed as a “bi-racial” group, Chocolat are back with a fresh new look, and an upgraded, but still very much familiar, sound. 

I Like It” takes off from the group’s debut release, “Syndrome”, and presents an ever so slightly more mature sound. However, the song is still very much fun and youthful, and will still appeal to the group’s growing fanbase. The song gives off a club feel in the arrangement, instrumental, and even the melody, and although this sound tends to come off as generic for majority of the acts that take a shot at it, Chocolat have managed, in their own way, to make the song interesting and separate both the song, and themselves, from the pool of other rookie artists. 

Unlike other groups who are stuck in the confines of their limited talent and are forced to depend on only a few members, or on technology, in order to carry the group and deliver listenable material, Chocolat can do anything they want to. Sky’s the limit when you have talent, and this new single is solid proof of that.

“I Like It” has all the makings of a standard pop song. Distinct synth loops, an infectious, catchy hook, and enough repetition to make it stick to listeners.  However, the verses and especially the bridge, require very strong vocals. Even if “I Like It” is a club-influenced song, the chorus plays on the group’s ability to sing together. You need more than just a hint of talent to be able to do that, but Chocolat have pulled it off as if singing it is second nature to them. 

They have managed to put themselves out there, by taking a very simple yet familiar and definitely very appealing sound and using that to show off their vocals. People will listen to them because of the style of the song, and in the process they will also hear the girls’ strong vocals, and in watching them live, their striking stage presence, effectively selling the song. It’s a very clever idea, and it’s been used many other times, but it works for Chocolat.