After going through a “musical identity crisis,” so to say, IU has finally found a signature sound to call her own, beginning with last year’s “Good Day,” and being reinforced by her latest single, “You and I.”

Although not impossible, it’s always a challenge to find the right material for young singers, especially solo singers like IU. Unlike idol groups with a wide variety of members who can show different characteristics and pursue different concepts, solo singers have to make it on their own, and the only way to do that is to have a definite sound. It’s taken time, but IU’s talent has finally been done justice, while making her appeal to the masses.

Taking from where we left off with last year’s “Good Day,” “You and I” is more of a progression from that sound, rather than a total change. IU’s now-signature sound is very evident on the track all while showing off new, fresh, elements.

“You and I” is melodious enough to show off IU’s smooth and simple, yet gorgeous vocals, and the technique she’s amassed after years of singing. It doesn’t sound too old for IU, and yet the song doesn’t make her sound like a baby, considering that she’s a lot more mature than she was when she first debuted.

The song itself is fun, light, upbeat, and ever so slightly whimsical, thanks to the very prominent string section. There’s also a slight Christmassy feel to it, although not very obvious, and it will appeal more to listeners, seeing as IU will be promoting this throughout December. However, the good thing about “You and I” is that the Christmas feel of the song does not carry the entire package, so although it’s very apt for the Christmas season, it won’t sound out of place when IU performs and promotes this after December.