After “Break Down” and “Lucky Guy,” two high-energy singles, Kim Hyun Joong is back, challenging a more laid-back and acoustic-inspired track, in the form of his new release, “Marry You.

Though a bit out of character, considering Hyun Joong’s previous solo releases, “Marry You” shifts Hyun Joong’s focus from image and performance to a more musical one. And surprisingly, he carries the shift rather well.

The good thing about Kim Hyun Joong is the fact that he actually makes an effort and tries to push himself musically, and he makes sure that it shows. That’s what ultimately made this shift smooth. Sure, there are a lot of other, better, singers than him in the industry nowadays, but “Marry You” shows his incentive to better himself as a singer. Talent is only half of the equation, effort is just as important, and Hyun Joong gets a perfect score for effort.

And in reality, “Marry You” is actually quite good. It’s not extremely stunning or anything, but it works as a pop song. It’s a no-frills song. It is what it is and what you hear is really what you hear — there’s nothing hidden between the lines, nothing about to creep up on you, but ultimately the song’s biggest selling point is in fact it’s simplicity. There aren’t any extremely shocking parts of the song, and no major shifts in sound or dynamics, but it’s that consistency that ties the whole song together very well.

It’s easy to listen to and it’s very calming — something you’d listen to to relax at the end of a hectic day. The guitars give the song a much-needed dose of character, but doesn’t disturb the calm feel of the song. The melody complements both the rest of the instrumental, and Hyun Joong’s voice, and the soft harmonies throughout are a nice addition. 

“Marry You” is definitely worth a second, a third, a fourth, and maybe even a fifth listen. It’s easy on the ears, but it has body and it’s such a pretty song in itself.