SISTAR, was picked to be the model for Enprani’s road shop brand, “Holika Holika.” As a result, SISTAR, along with actor Jung Il Woo, will work as the two top models for the brand.

A couple weeks ago on SISTAR’s twitter page, Bora and Hyorin uploaded pretty photos of themselves using products from Holika Holika. There is speculation that people from Holika Holika heard the news about the tweets and decided to make SISTAR the main female models for the brand.

A representative of Holika Holika said, “SISTAR has a distinct image that is lively and full of confidence. We believe that they will appeal to our targeted group of young women. Just as much as SISTAR’s interest in Holika Holika, we imagine that they will well suit the brand. We are really looking forward to the collaboration.”

“Holika Holika,” which is approaching its third anniversary this year, will focus on promoting the brand. They are planning to show SISTAR in advertisements and begin publicly marketing to their consumers.

Pictures from SISTAR’s twitter page