SISTAR’s Bora is against publicly dating policy.

In KBS 2TV Invincible Youth 2,” G8 members had a discussion on the topic of “celebrities dating publicly.”

That day, Bora stood on the disagreeing side, and another girl group Jewelry’s Yewon was on the agreeing side.

First Bora expressed her opinions on why she disagrees with publicly dating policy, “Many fans of those celebrities may leave if they find out the stars publicly announce that they are dating,” and added, “These celebrities need some privacy.”

After listening to Bora’s argument, Yewon asked, “Isn’t Bora disagreeing with celebrities publicly dating someone because she herself is actually seeing someone?” Thrown off by Yewon’s attack, Bora threw a doll she was holding at Yewon’s face. Bora then proceeds to use an MC chance by asking Boom to support her case. Yewon also follows suit by asking Ji Hyun Woo to support her but he ends up supporting Bora’s argument instead, resulting in a win for Bora.

The episode also had the G8 members learning about horses and donkeys, along with a final message from Woori, Amber, Lee Soo Geun and Ji Hyun Woo as they leave the show due to other schedules along with a preview of next week’s episode featuring new MC Kim Shin Young.