Group SISTAR member, Bora, expressed her lonely woes on Black Day.

On the 14th, Bora posted onto her official twitter, “Today is Black Day, Bora is also ‘I’m Alone’” along with a picture of herself looking especially depressed and lost.

Bora looks lonely on Black Day.

Black Day, which falls on April 14th, is a day that for the singles who have not been able to receive any candies or chocolates on Valentine’s Day or White Day. Valentine’s Day is a special day that falls every year on February 14th. In Korea, this is the day a girl confesses to the guy they like by giving him chocolates. Likewise, White Day, which is on March 14th, is the day a guy confesses to the girl they like by giving her candies. If you have not received any sweets on either one of these days, you would eat black bean noodles on Black Day.

Not only is today, April 14th, Black Day, but it is also the day that SISTAR’s newest single is premiered. But what catches the attention of many it the title of the song  which has been so appropriately named, “I’m Alone.”

Her followers and other who have seen her tweet replied with comments like, “Bora is so cute~,” “On days like this, I’ll console myself while listening to ‘I’m Alone’, ” and “The timing for the new song is so perfect.”

What did you do on Black Day?