SISTAR unveiled the first teaser image for their upcoming album. In the photo titled, “Red Photoshoot,” SISTAR members are lined up against a red wall, wearing tight leather outfits, keeping up with the group’s trademark sexy image. In particular, the members’ eyes, which have already been dubbed the “provocative stare” by netizens, have sparked a lot of talk among fans, as they’ve been eagerly waiting for the group’s comeback.

Netizens commented, “SISTAR never fails to impress,” “You got me with that stare,” and “Bora is the true sexy vixen.”

SISTAR’s new album is set for release on April 12. The main single is titled “Myself,” which is produced by Brave Brothers. It is reported that the song will involve a lot more acoustic sounds, as opposed to the electronic dance beats SISTAR is best known for. Stay tuned for more updates!