Popular girl group, SISTAR, was on the cable channel YTN on August 30th. The anchor asked the group when was the last time they cried and leader Hyorin answered, “Just yesterday which was my last day on Immortal Song Season 2.” She added, “I don’t cry often yet alone cry in front of others but I couldn’t help crying yesterday because I was really attached to the show.”

Hyorin also showed her affection towards the show by saying, “The ‘Immortal Song Season 2’ will have a big affect on my career as a singer.”

Hyorin was from the original cast of “Immortal Song Season 2” with idols IU, Changmin, Jong Hyun, and Yesung. Unforunately, the idol singing competition show struggled early on as artists such as the majority of the first group had to leave the show for their personal schedule. After recruiting a new set of idols includng Jay Park, Kyu Hyun, and 4minute‘s Ji Yoon, the show is picking up attention again.