SISTAR‘s member, Hyorin, expressed her interest in actor Lee Jin Wook with her confession and singing.

On the recently aired episode of SBS “Strong Heart,” Hyorin confessed that Lee Jin Wook was her ideal man for a while.

The singer added, “I liked him more since he appeared on a nourishing tonic CF, he looked masculine and tough—which is a trait I am turned on by guys. Seeing him today, it seems like he has a soft personality despite his image.”

Hyorin continued to display her fandom for the actor as she showed a great performance and even made Lee Jin Wook smile with her singing skills.

Hyorin admitted, “I liked Lee Jin Wook since I was in middle school and I was curious which girl group he liked the most during his military service.” Lee Jin Wook, of course, answered, “SISTAR.”