Girl Group Sistar shows that they have great fashion sense.

Hyorin uploaded a picture on Sistar’s official twitter with the caption “Our last meal at ‘Kitta-e-go-lods-gayattena’ in Russia before heading off to Korea. Heard the Russian President eats here often. Wow.”

They show their above average fashion sense. Soyu wore a navy colored one piece amplifying her womanly charms. Bora dressed herself in a navy blouse tucked in hot pants to reveal her sexy legs. Hyorin drew attention with her red colored skinny jeans. Her fashion statement was the unique fur hat. Dasom tried the clean look displaying her cute charms with a t-shirt and jeans.

Netizens who saw the picture wrote “Soyu is pouting,” “Bora is really pretty when she smiles,” “I want to have Hyorin’s hat,” “I like that Dasom chose a clean look,” creating great responses.

Sistar is currently promoting their summer special album with the song “Loving You.”