Photographs of SISTAR member Bora and puppies have been posted online. 

On October 3, SISTAR member Bora posted the photograph of herself and the dog on SISTAR’s official Twitter account with the following words: “Aigoo. Beautiful Sky.  These days, whenever I go to Daebu Island, cute puppies welcome me.”  The SISTAR member also tweeted: “Photo with the puppies too~~!! White siblings kkkk oohjjoojjoo <3.” 

In the first photograph, Bora holds a dog named Sky and gently pets Sky’s head.  In the second photograph, Bora cradles two puppies in her arms. 

Netizens who saw the photographs commented: “Bora’s smiling face is so pretty,” “Bora has such a pretty smile,” “Bora is so cute with Sky,” “Puppies have poses too,” “Bora looks so lovely and lady-like.”