SISTAR member Bora reveals her feet injuries.

The director of SISTAR’s MV “Shady Girl”, Joo Hee Seon, posted up the photos on her Twitter. It was taken during the girls’ rest time when filming the MV, and along with the photos, he said, “The girls have to continue to wear high heels even though their feet hurt during the MV filming. ㅠㅠ Praiseworthy of the girls. Bora ya, you have to smile no matter how tough it gets alright? Don’t be hurt kids, hwaiting!”

The photos posted up reveals Bora showing her feet injuries and with band aids pasted all over. Recently, Bora also suffered from finger injuries after falling down on stage during a live performance.


See photos of Bora’s injuries below:


S: Maeilkyungjae

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