We reported before that SISTAR had stated that they believe that they are not “thin” compared to other girl groups. SISTAR also chose exercising and not eating late night snacks as their methods for staying in shape.

But what is going on? They were shown eating instant food. On April 22, an internet community board had a post with the picture, “SISTAR, Eating Food Like a Furious Storm.”

In the picture, SISTAR is shown eating at a table in the mini-store for the SBS broadcasting station. The members still manage to look cute as they chow down on their food with mouths open wide.

Netizens have stated, “Cute Cute~ You can’t live off of only fruit,” “This shows their human charm,” and “It looks better than if they were eating dieting foods.”

Currently SISTAR’s “Alone” reached #1 on the Billboard K-Pop music chart in the first week of April. The official “Alone” music video currently has over 4 million views!