On April 27, SISTAR revealed a photo on their official twitter page of them bowing after winning number one on KBS 2TV “Music Bank.” SISTAR’s Bora wrote, “We won number one. I was really surprised. Brave Brothers, thank you so much for letting us sing such a great song. Most important, all our STAR1 fans, I think I forgot to say your name because you were in front of my eyes. I’m sorry. I truly love you.”

Hyorin said, “I really didn’t even dream we would win number one. I can’t tell if this is a dream or not. I even forgot what I wanted to say. Once again, with a sorry and thankful heart, Brave Brothers’ Dong Chul oppa and STAR1 fans, thank you and I love you. I will forever sing for you all.”

Soyu also expressed her thankfulness. Soyu posted a tweet that said, “Alone..that is ridiculous. We are not alone. We are SISTAR. Thank you so much for the number one. Thank you to Brave Brothers for giving us such a wonderful song to win with. Also, our awesome fans, STAR1….I know even if you don’t say anything. Kind and gracious everyone…thank you very much!!! I will always work hard and try to grow into a better person.”

Dasom tweeted, “Today we won number one. There are so many people to thank. Brave Brothers, who gave us a great song, you are the best!! Parents, Starship family, and lastly our STAR1 fans, who I love so much, you know I have poor expression right? Thank you and I’ll try to express myself more in the future. Thank you.”