SISTAR‘s Soyou has always been a hot topic for diet. The star is 29 years old this year, but she still maintains her trim figure through hard work. Recently, she shared with fans the diet she does when she has important shoots upcoming.

She checks her body through the mirror daily rather than stepping on the scale.

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For breakfast, she enjoys a special mixed rice. Her recipe includes one and a half fists of normal white rice, 2 fists of konjac jelly rice and 3 fists of brown rice. Konjac jelly is a great substitute for grains or noodles due to super low calories.

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Soyou then adds another pack of grain-shaped konjac jelly into the mix before cooking it in the rice cooker.

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While the rice is being cooked, Soyou does a stretching routine. She claims this really helps to get her blood circulating, aiding in digestion.

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Her morning meals consist of the special rice, seaweed soap, chicken breast and a fried egg. For lunch and dinner, she eats salad only.

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Such amazing dedication to her body! Catch her full routine below.