On August 19th, SISTAR was spotted at Gimpo Airport as they departed for Japan.  The following day the ladies had been invited to perform at the “K-Pop All Star Live in Niigata” in Japan.

Take a look at the four SISTAR members as they sport white sunglasses, Darren Jean jump suits, and shorts on their recent trip to the airport.

In this trip SoYou was particularly stunning as she was seen sporting a black dress with long hair framing her face and glowing with innocent charm.  It had recently been revealed on the August 20th episode of MBC‘s “Quiz That Changes The World” that member SoYou had lost 8KG (18 lbs) for the group’s “So Cool” comeback.  On the show she shared her reason behind her weight loss saying, “When we took a group picture, I always looked like a pig.  This time I made sure I worked really hard on my diet.”  What was the secret to her weight loss?  SoYou shared part of her secret with her followers on Twitter that one common meal for her diet consisted of two hard-boiled eggs, boiled broccoli, and pieces of pineapple.

Netizens reacted to the airport photos saying, Gorgeous I’m not kidding.”, I have super leg envy.,  Even as civilians they have the best fashion., and Every day they seem to upgrade their beauty.

Source: Naver