On June 30’s episode of the radio show”Park Kyung Lim’s 2 O’Clock Date,” host Park Kyung Lim says she heard that the members have all moved out of their shared apartment now and are living alone. When the girls confirm, she asks them what the pros and cons are of living separately.

Bora replies, “The good part is that we get our own alone time, and the bad part is that it’s quiet.” Hyorin agrees, pointing out that now they have to eat meals on their own. Bora adds, “When I’m on my own, I really don’t eat. When I’m with the other members, we end up eating together. But now I really don’t eat.”

“I have a pro though,” says Dasom. “When we were in the apartment together, my room used to be right by the foyer. But since we’re four women, we had a lot of shoes, but we had nowhere to put them all. So the shoes would end up being put by my room too. So the door to my room was blocked by shoes all the time.” She smiles and adds, “Now that I’m living on my own, I don’t have to worry about the shoe problem.”

Soyu says, “When we went off to live our own, our boss had the stipulation that we had to live close enough that we could all be picked up within five minutes.” Hyorin continues,”We all live in Bangbae-dong, but it’s really expensive – it’s so annoying! We could have more living space if we were just in a different neighbourhood…”

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